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"Evidence-based decision making improves the quality of decisions made".Source unknown

Our Integrated Fleet Management Solutions are designed to include: CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Business Development and Fleet ManagersIn summary, you gain the following advantages: Dashboard reporting allows you to gain accurate real-time fleet performance, economy and reliability monitoringYou live in an environment of informed decision making capabilityYou gain capacity to develop your worthwhile contracts, while becoming predatory in pitching for new business to realise a direct ROI on your ATi investment.You set a path to Lifetime Value Management (LVM) cultureYou are able to reconfigure and manage your existing business and new opportunitiesYou reduce the risk of failure in existing and new assignments.

Most businesses operate successfully and those who don't, especially road transport enterprises, consume capital funding performance deficits. It is therefore logical to say that any mature business produces positive Outcomes that sustain operations and retain investor interest. However, that does not mean the business is necessarily yielding the level of performance that pleases shareholders and/or yields maximum value in terms of its operating environment. FleetAssignments (a division of P S & Associates) offers a 357 Performance Concept that moves transport to the next level, further expanding a company's Value-yield in its Macro & Micro environments. The 357 concept address: 3 Critical Business Issues (CBIs) 1 Value Differentiation: demand for a company's services 2 Terms & Conditions: delivery of the services and how these affect costs 3 Essential Funding: financial constraints 5 Critical Process Issues (CPIs) These are the performance drivers:1 The Load [passengers/goods]2 The Road 3 The Bus/Truck4 The Driver and5 Operations Management

7 Critical Job Issues (CJIs)Essential success drivers in all management interventions1 Clear Vision - what the business is about and where it is going2 Intelligence - critical intelligence information about what is happening in its Macro and Micro environments3 Knowhow – critical competencies equal to or greater than competitors4 Innovation - to ensure the business is leading, or equal to, the competitors' service delivery5 Direction - planning and communicating where the business is headed6 Motivation - creating an environment that brings out the best in others and knows what motivates different people within its circle of operation7 Collaborative – the willingness to work for the benefit of all parties in creating win-win relationships.In addition, FleetAssignments facilitates Applied Technology Intelligence (ATi).ATi is a unique business process that integrates:Information: what you need to know to accurately and consistently predict the chance of success in a given context.Process: which structures and controls need to be in place, and how fleet Service, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) policies, processes and procedures are best integrated to leverage what you know about operating a successful road transport enterprise.Technology: which technology architecture is best suited to gather, analyse and share information, so as to make the right decisions about investment and asset management?



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