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1. The LOAD2. The ROAD3. The TRUCK4. The DRIVER and5. A WILLING INVESTORAlthough this may appear to be an over-simplification of the highly complex and challenging Road Freight industry, one must bear in mind that each of the above, individually, carries a myriad of variables that grow at an exponential rate when the Trading Environments are taken into account. Our approach in assisting clients, therefore, starts with understanding their concerns, and relating these to the operation in terms of establishing possible conflicts in one or more of the five components and/or the Trading Environment.

FleetAssignments is about -Building Capacity to Out-perform Competitors.

FleetAssignments is developed to provide the road transport industry with an appropriate platform to promote specialised, on-demand, counselling and advisory services to road transport operators in the fields of: Business excellence, Fleet/Technical expertise and Operations management, which until now, are mostly practised only by large corporate-funded competitors.Our mission is to create awareness of the pitfalls and challenges in providing cost-effective road freight services within the bounds of available resources and constraints, while competing in an over-supplied market.Fleetassignments is centred on the premise that there are five principal “Drivers” for success in road transport, spanning three Environments namely: the Macro, Market and Micro Environments (referred to jointly as the “Trading” environment) and the core strategy of a Carrier business should be focused on optimising the effects of these influences in achieving acceptable returns [ROCEBIT] to attract and support investment.

"Our approach is driven by three major business principals:"1) Focus on the Economic Value Drivers (EVD)2) Dedication to achieving Vehicle Lifetime Value 3) Building Shareholder ValueWe believe that all three of the above principals can be achieved by dedication to building company strategy around our ten-component QUAD Strategy Initiative, ensuring a balanced approach to: a) Profit b) Price c) Performance d) Sustainability.


"Our rationale is structured around excellence in managing five essential components in road freight transport :"

P S & Associates cc Heavy Commercial Vehicle Fleet Advisory Services in the areas of: Business, Fleet/Technical & Operations Management

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P S & Associates cc

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