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Every successful business is built on a sound strategy - based on ensuring the enterprise prospers in the framework of competitive pressures within its operating environment - one that exploits challenges and opportunities which would otherwise threaten its existence.Now is the time to question how your strategy shapes up against competitors.

Assistance with Consignor/Consignee provisions: Sections 74A Act or omission of manager, agent or employee of consignor and consignee & Section 74B Proof of certain facts.Offering and accceptance of goods on overloaded vehicle prohibited - regulations 330A - 330D (in force as from 31st January 2015).Asset Performance Assessment (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)Assess competitive strategy goals, relative to available resources and your trading environmentStrategic business planning in line with the shareholders' investment visionUndertake Business Performance Analysis (BPA) assignmentsContract Value Assignment (CVA) studies for new or existing contracts (deployment of FleetAssignments' QUAD Initiative) Expert assistance in maintenance contract/warranty dispute resolutionAppraisal of management information systems (MIS), relative to effective decision makingSetting a path to Vehicle Lifetime Value Management Setting Activity-based, budgetsAssess company structure, competencies and accountabilities, relative to core business objectivesAssess and build Intellectual Capital required for competitive tradingRisk management analysis, relative to existing or proposed trading opportunitiesAssistance with succession planning in line with short and long term company objectivesConsultation and mentoring support for recently promoted and newly appointed staffUndertake due diligence reporting for potential acquisitions/mergersAssess compliance with Section 49 [Duties of an Operator/Proxy in terms of the National Road Traffic Act No 93 of 1996 and Regulations as amended].


Got excess trucking capacity? Now is the time to initiate an ASSET ASSESSMENT AUDIT (AAA)!As the SA Economy responds to a massive national electricity crisis that holds dire consequences for the Economy, and consequently the Road Transport Industry, now is the time to assess the situation in terms of a "price shedding" war as Freight volumes decline.What effect would a 2.5% drop in freight volumes have on your business by June 2015? If you are vague on the answer, contact us on: 084 855 3121

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How much attention are you giving to Strategy Management in your Organisation?

Turning Theory into Reality

Relating Company Strategy to the Macro and Market Environments

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