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Best practice fleet engineering and technical management demand high-level competencies in mechanical engineering and a strong analytical approach to long-term preservation of Assets.Apart from understanding motor vehicle design and dynamics, it is also imperative to possess quantitive knowledge of the operations in which vehicles perform.Success demands a full conversancy with management accounting principles to effectively manage the relationship between revenue-related costs and sales over the predetermined economic life of individual vehicles, while extracting maximum operating efficiency from the fleet. The fleet engineer must also find ways to prolong vehicle life [major components] without compromising performance, reliability, economy and vehicle availability, while paying particular attention to fleet condition and exhibit uncompromising dedication to safety.

Calculation of maximum vehicle payload capacity and provide optimum load centre positioning of payload (Regultions 330 A to D)Assess fleet management structure, competencies, policies and proceduresEvaluate effectiveness of existing fleet Management Information Systems (MIS)Introduce Activity Based Costing (ABC) fleet budgetingInstal Metrics-that-Matter Planning and implementation of vehicle Lifetime Value Realisation best-practice fleet replacement policies in line with vehicle applicationsConduct Fleet Performance Analytics (FPA) (a powerful tool to assess individual vehicle Value contribution within the scope of the operating environment)Assess the effectiveness of Asset Management: in-house, or out-sourced fleet service, maintenance and repair (SMR) Provide Applications Engineering for vehicle selection/procurement i.e. vehicle selection criteria, on-road performance and fit-for-purpose engineeringValidate in-house, or vendor service delivery for maintenance contractsFleet technical audits [roadworthiness and licensing compliance]Assistance in closure of warranty disputes.

FleetAssignments offers professional advisory services in the following Fleet/Technical management areas:

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"Fleet engineering competence is the last frontier to competitive trading in the road freight industry."

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